Course title:

American Literature


Tutor:  Yordan Kosturkov



Mode of delivery:


Course place and status within the program


Core subject


Competence expectations


Course is delivered in English and students are expected to have sufficient language proficiency


Aims and objectives of the course


Students shall implement their knowledge of literature in their day to day work as professionals of English


Weekly organization of topics & reading assignments


Formal lecture 2-4 hours (and seminars 2 hours)


Course requirements


Read the books included in the list of recommended reading


Mode of assessment


Written examination




Lewicki, Zbigniew. (ed.).  A Handbook of American Literature for Students of English. Warsaw: University of  Warsaw. [Warszawa: the US Embassy in Warsaw, 1990].

VanSpanckeren, Kathryn. An Outline of American Literature. USIA. 1994.