Name and title: Dr. Snezha Tsoneva-Mathewson


Any additional position: Senior Lecturer


E-mail: sttm96 [at]


Research interests: Cognitive Linguistics, Historical Linguistics


Subjects taught:

BA Courses:

MA Courses:

  • Cognitive Linguitics




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  • Честър Хаймз 'От Любов към Имабел' Издателство 'Христо Г. Данов', 1986

  • A Culture at Cossroads, Lettera Publishers, 2009

  • The Cultural Diversity of Bulgaria. Lettera Publishers, 2012





  • Паисиада- Предай нататък! № НИ 13 ФЛФО14 / 20.03.2013 г. от 23.04.2013 г. на Фонд «НИ» на ПУ с ръководител доц. д-р Мила Димитрова Кръстева:



Membership in Academic and Professional Institutions, Bodies and Organizations:

  • Bulgarian Society of English Studies



Awards and Fellowships:

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council Award, UK, Sept 2003 - Sept 2005

  • Russel Trust Award, St. Andrews University, Scotland, 2003

  • Runner-up, Gray Prize, St. Andrews University, Scotland, 2003

  • Post-Graduate Award, School of Modern Languages, St. Andrews University, 2002

  • Fulbright scholarship, USA, January 1993 - January 1995.

  • Travel Grant TESOL Conference, Baltimore, March 1994