Faculty contacts

Students are advised to make an appointment in advance with their instructor. For this purpose, please use the e-mails listed below. 

For telephone numbers click here.


Faculty Office hours, office, e-mail


Assoc. Prof. Snezha Tsoneva-Mathewson, PhD

sttm96 [at] gmail.com

 Assoc. Prof. Michael Grancharov



Assoc. Prof. Yordan Kosturkov, PhD

ykosturkov [at] yahoo.com

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yana Atanasova Rowland

Office room 240 (032/261475), Rectorate

yanarowland1977 [at] abv.bg

Snr. Lec. Atanas Manchorov, PhD


atanas.manchorov [at] gmail.com

Snr. Lec. Vitana Kostadinova, PhD

vitana_kostadinova [at] yahoo.co.uk

Snr. Lec. Marina Samalieva, PhD



Snr. Lec. Rositsa Dekova, PhD


rodekova [at] gmail.com

Asst. Lec. Vesselina Koynakova


vesselina.koynakova [at] abv.bg

veskoj [at] uni-plovdiv.bg

Asst. Lec. Zlatka Chervenkova


zlatche [at] yahoo.com

Asst. Lec. Milena Katsarska


kacarska_sp [at] abv.bg

Asst. Lec. Ognyan Obretenov



Asst. Lec. Rositsa Pashova

rossie [at] abv.bg

Asst. Lec. Rumyana Ilieva



Asst. Lec. Sashko Pavlov

sashkopavlov [at] gmail.com

Asst. Lec. Slavka Grancharova


sgrancharova [at] gmail.com

Asst. Lec. Cecily Jenkins


cjenkins [at] abv.bg

Asst. Lec. Bistra Popovska


Asst. Lec. Magdalena Gogalcheva 


mag.gogalcheva [at] gmail.com

Asst. Lec. Polina Petcova


p.petcova [at] uni-plovdiv.net

Asst. Lec. Maria Anastasova mariaanastasova [at] yahoo.com