Name: Assistant Professor Slavka Grancharova, PhD


E-mail: sgrancharova [at]


Research interests: Modern English Syntax, Functional Sentence Perspective, Generativa Syntax, Sociolinguistics – language variation, register, style.


Subjects taught:

BA Courses:


MA Courses:

  • Modern English Syntax

  • Business English and Business Communications



  • Grancharova, S. Syntactic Condensation and the Communicative Information Structure of the have-existential sentence. Plovdiv: Plovdiv University Press (in print).

  • Grancharova, S. The Semantico-informational Factor in Some Cases of Syntactic Condensation Resulting in Participle Clauses. Plovdiv: Plovdiv University Press, Scientific Works – Philology, vol.50, book 1, part B, 2012.

  • Grancharova, S. Different Syntactic Patterns of the Accusative with Infinitive as a Condensing Device. In: Comparisons and Interactions within/across Cultures.Veliko Turnovo: St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Press, 108 – 116, 2012.

  • Grancharova, S. Ambiguity with some cases of secondary predication. Plovdiv: Plovdiv University Press, Scientific Works – Philology, vol.48, book  1, part B, 2010.

  • Grancharova, S. Грънчарова, С. Изгубени в синтактичната кондензация: Как да членуваме. В сборник с доклади от Националната конференция по проблемите на съвременната българска книжовна норма „Актуални проблеми на съвременната българска книжовна норма", Пловдив: Издателство „Контекст", 26-27 ноември 2010 г.133 – 147.

  • Grancharova, S. A Functional and/or formal perspective in linguistic description and linguistic communication, В сборник с доклади от юбилейна международна конференция. Том 4. Варна:  Издателство „Наука и икономика" на Икономически университет, 2010. 202 – 213.



  • BG051PO001-3.1.07-0024 „Market-oriented Modules in Humanitarian Studies" - 2014

  • BG051PO001-4.3.04 „Developing Electronic Forms of Distance Teaching for Higher Education" - 2014